Portable Photo booth Selfie iPad Photo Booth Kiosk for iPad

Stand in front of the portable iPad Photo Booth to start to take your photos of the event, wedding and party.

This portable iPad Photo Booth machine has light weight and small size, making it portable and easy to use. There is basic package and full set package (with printer, prints and camera).

iPad photobooth

Color Options: Standard white (accept color customization if the order quantity meets our requirement)

Head Size:37cm * 45cm *16.5cm

Tripod Capacity: 80~130cm

Screen Size: 10.5 Inch

Mini PC: Intel I7 CPU 8G RAM 128G SSD

Camera (Full set):Canon EOS 1500D

Printer (Full set): Hiti P322W Printer with 300 Pieces Paper

Flight Case Size: 80*57*24 cm

Net Weight:12kg (Basic set)

(1) cost-effective and affordable

(2) Net weight is only 11.6kg portable and low transportation cost

(3) With bracket, it is more convenient to place the printer

(4) The camera angle can be flexibly adjusted in four directions

(5) Slotting fixation adjust printer height, more stable

Handheld and portable:

The product is handheld and designed to be easy to carry and move around, making it ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities. With no complicated installation and setup process, users can use it anytime and anywhere to capture precious moments.

iPad compatibility:

The product supports iPad, providing seamless integration with modern technology. By using iPad with the product, users can enjoy more features and conveniences such as photo editing, real-time preview, and automatic sharing, adding interactivity and fun to the event.

Multi-functional stand:

The product is equipped with a stable tripod that provides firm support when in use, ensuring the stability and quality of the shot. At the same time, the bracket also has a flexible adjustment function, which can adjust the height as needed to meet the shooting needs of different occasions.

ipad photo boothipad photobooth

Why choose us?

Superior Quality: Our products are carefully designed and well-made. We stand by the principle of superior quality and strictly control each process to ensure our products meet the highest standards. Meanwhile, we have obtained various quality certifications, such as CE, FCC, RCM, etc.

Professional Service: Our team has years of experience in the photo booth industry and has worked with thousands of customers worldwide. We provide professional services that exceed expectations and ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchases.

We are committed to providing our customers with unique and customizable portable iPad Photo Booth solutions. By choosing us, you will receive superior quality, professional service and customization options that will make your event stand out.