Selfie Photobooth Kiosk Stand 10.1″ Touch Screen

Stand in front of selfie photobooth stand to start to take your photos of the event, wedding and party.

This photo booth machine has light weight and small size, making it portable and easy to use. There is basic package and full set package (with printer, prints and camera).


Cheap Selfie Photobooth Stand

Full set of photobooth stand, audio, touch sreen, mini computer, camera and printer, so it is ready to use after receiving the package and installing and connecting all devices. There is also basic set and pure photo booth stand to choose. for different budget and need.


We upgraded the camera stand in this 101T photo booth model. As showed in the picture, the stand allows camera to adjust booth the position and the angle, which will meet more demand of who use the photo booth. And we also design a printer tray for printer placement. Considering the weight of printer, there is a stabilizer to fix the position of the tray.


In order to protect the expensive devices inside the photobooth, the back door is secured with a double door lock. The door can be opened and closed by turning the handle for inspection of equipment and for own use. If you are in a crowded place or when you are not near the equipment, you can lock the door with a key.